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Artificial Girl 3 + Hannari Expansion V 1.50 (Illusion) [uncen] [jap+eng+rus]

06-07-2021 | Games
Artificial Girl 3 + Hannari Expansion V 1.50 (Illusion) [uncen] [jap+eng+rus]

File size: 13,57 Gb

Tags: Artificial, Girl

 Year: 2008
Genre: 3D, Simulator, Constructor, SLG, Mod, Add-on
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows
Language games: Japanese, English,Russian
Language: Japanese, English
Language: Japanese 

System requirements: 
Windows 2000 or higher
  DirectX 9.0c or higher
  Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or higher (3.0Ghz recommended)
  512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  10 GB free space on HDD
  Graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  64 MB of graphics memory (256 MB recommended)
  Resolution 1024x768 or higher

Wonderful life with beautiful girls. Just enjoy the slow and peaceful life with them. This is a 3D simulator visits. You feel life , have a nice time , find something comfortable ....
 Artificial Girl is divided into two parts. The first is the generator of girls, where do you adjust the appearance , voice, and choose traits but more than 3 - the likelihood that the child will either be a nymphomaniac , or unassailable principle ) plus you adjust clothing for all occasions .
 The second part of Artificial Girl 3 is the game itself. There is a small piece of the city , your home , school, house , embankment, temple , city, and another house in the Japanese style . Depending on which character you gave the girl depends on her method of seduction, with some you need to spend a lot of time, and others can be unceremoniously brazenly stick . Also, girls can get jealous or institute , in this case, they will stick to you . In this city girls live their lives , sleep , walk, eat , and when you are not going to contact them , they may forget you . Unfortunately the game can simultaneously is no more than five girls.

 Cha_files - girls
 Cha_thumb - girls screenshots for easy selection (file names coincide with Cha_files), to unpack each file directly play
 Cos_files - Clothing
 Cos_thumb - screenshots of clothing for easy selection (file names coincide with Cos_files), to unpack each file directly play
 Archive m_tex corresponding folder contains textures for the correct display of some models, you need to put the folder in the data / save
 Theme Hongfaera - Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion Clothing Thread - contains almost all of the files for which links were working and which were screenshots of the same name on the theme Hongfaere . Consists of an archive with screenshots and file with the downloaded archive file names (or folder , or file folders in zaviimosti on how many screenshots and archives ) are the same for the convenience of finding relevant archives.
After unpacking the archive - More than 6,400 girls and about 2,500 clothing - its weight is 138 MB folder . Lightweight because girls and clothes packed game itself .
 Once a file or girls clothing maker will be open and saved in data / save / m_cha ( or m_cos) folder appears with files much larger volume and a girl ( or clothing ) can be used in the game.

Creating and girls clothes : 
 Creating girls:
 - Run AG3_Make.exe, press 'Start Game'
 - Click 'Create Character', then 'Create New' to create a new or 'Load Existing' to edit already saved character
 - Write the name of the file
 - The following tabs create the appearance of the character
 - In laying 'Profile' write name and surname of the girl 's birthday , specify the type of identity ( see below)
 - In laying 'Traits' indicate personality traits (see below)
 - Then nazhmiaem first tab , there 'Save' and 'Main Screen'
 Girl created , now it should be put , and for this we need to create clothing
 Creating clothes :
 - Click 'Create Fashion', then 'Create New'
 - Specify the name of the clothing and the file name
 - The following tabs create clothes
 - Click 'Save' and 'Main Screen'
 Clothing created .
 The main window .
 Choose from the top list girl in the list in the middle of a combination of clothes, and in the list, where many rows to the right of a blank line there are two buttons , the left 'Set' clothes set , right 'Clear' - zero ( that is, the girl is naked ) . As soon as the girls will be given for all types of clothing in all rows at the bottom of the third button from the left click 'Save Selection', that would save the changes.

 WASD keys on the go , mouse Dishonest Treatment camera.
 Left mouse button to sit / lie
 Right mouse button interaction with a girl ( need to stand next to it ) , call her
 During sex :
 Ctrl + left mouse button - turn the camera
 Hold the left button with icon kakimto - interplay between :
 if the fungus , then drag the mouse while holding the left mouse button you can change the position
 If there ?, Y, inverted Z, then it means that you are asking what to do next and what would you like to do in different situations in different ways - to wear a condom , and do not wear any different , actually it depends on the situation in which you are girl , there any many situations , the answers you give controlling the mouse , the left button , yes , the right button - no , the only thing it asks you is not always clear , for this we need to know Japanese or use your intuition in relation to zhenschinoy ( the Japanese attitude zhenschinoy with little else , a philosophy ) , so it turns out - to answer at random , but interesting - new research and knowledge of the game and lasts indefinitely , and every time a new one. Artificial Girl 3 + Hannari Expansion V 1.50 (Illusion) [uncen] [jap+eng+rus] Artificial Girl 3 + Hannari Expansion V 1.50 (Illusion) [uncen] [jap+eng+rus] Artificial Girl 3 + Hannari Expansion V 1.50 (Illusion) [uncen] [jap+eng+rus]
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