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Misty Dawn Collection - MegaPack

24-04-2023 | Site-Rips
Misty Dawn Collection - MegaPack

File size: 46.490 MB

Cast: Misty Dawn

Duration: 3000

Tags: Blowjob, Anal, Facial, Lesbian, Orgy, Double Penetration, Gangbang, Classic, Bisexual, Double Vaginal Penetration, Hairy Pussy, Group Sex

Misty Dawn (also known as Marla Lee Gardner, Lori Holmes, Lori Rose, or Laurie Holmes; born May 15, 1963) is a former adult industry performer. Dawn acted in pornographic films and videos, and was an exotic dancer. She married fellow pornographic actor John “The Wadd” Holmes in 1987, and after his death published his autobiography and appeared in several films about his life.

Genre: Blowjob,Anal,Facial,Lesbian,Orgy,Double Penetration,Gangbang,Classic,Bisexual,Double Vaginal Penetration,Hairy Pussy,Lesbian,Group Sex,
Cast: Misty Dawn
Movies: 32
Size: 46.490 MB
Duration: 3000 min

Misty Dawn Collection - MegaPack
Show/hide textAerobisex Girls 1 (1983)

Scene 1. Tina Blair
Scene 2. Bridgette Royalle, Christina Rhay, Bunny Bleu
Scene 3. Misty Dawn
Scene 4. Bridgette Royalle, brun
Scene 5. Becky Savage, Misty Dawn
Scene 6. Bridgette Royalle, brun, Christina Rhay, Bunny Bleu
Scene 7. Becky Savage
Scene 8. Becky Savage, Bridgette Royalle, brun, Christina Rhay, Bunny Bleu, Misty Dawn

Becky Savage LezOnly
Bridgette Royalle LezOnly
Bruce Seven NonSex
Christina Rhay (Credited: Kristina Rhay) LezOnly
Bunny Bleu (Credited: Kristy Bryant) LezOnly
Misty Dawn LezOnly
Tina Blair LezOnly

Starting with an attachment for Eleyna, a sexy aerobic instructor, Tina (Bridgette Royale) searches for more Lesbian love with a variety of other beauties. Tina finds solace in an atmosphere of music, friendship and vigourous sexercise.
What follows is love, lust and titillating revolvements as all six girls in the aerobic class become entangled in the wildest orgy ever filmed all to a standing 8-count.

Bad Bride (1984)

Scene 1. Bunny Bleu, Misty Dawn
Scene 2. Misty Dawn, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Bunny Bleu, David Sanders
Scene 4. Misty Regan, Ron Jeremy, David Sanders
Scene 5. Bunny Bleu, Misty Dawn

Bunny Bleu
Misty Regan
Misty Dawn
Ron Jeremy
David Sanders

When two hot-to-trot dolls throw a bachelorette party for their favorite gal pal, the resultant action is anything but respectable! With the help of a professional "stud" service, they give the bride-to-be a pre-wedding blow out that would cause any righteous groom to fume! Here comes the bride!

Best Little Cathouse in Las Vegas (1982)

Scene 1. Rhonda Jo Petty, guy
Scene 2. Debbie Truelove, Toni Alessandrini, Charles Antony
Scene 3. Misty Dawn, Stephen Savage
Scene 4. Rhonda Jo Petty, Stephen Savage
Scene 5. Gaylene Marie, Misty Dawn
Scene 6. Debbie Truelove, Stephen Savage
Scene 7. Rhonda Jo Petty, Jerry Davis
Scene 8. Lisa La Monte, Stephen Savage
Scene 9. Becky Savage, Gaylene Marie, Stephen Savage

Becky Savage MastOnly
Charles Antony
Debbie Truelove BJOnly
Gaylene Marie BJOnly
Jerry Davis BJOnly
Lisa La Monte BJOnly Facial
Misty Dawn
Rhonda Jo Petty BJOnly
Stephen Savage
Toni Alessandrini

A Titillating Tale of High Finance! When this group of beautiful and incredibly horny hookers (Misty Dawn, Rhonda Jo Petty, Becky Savage) are visited by the IRS, some very creative financing is in order. These perfectly formed females use any means to get rid of their debts including some of the hottest sex ever witnessed on video! They use their well-formed breasts, firm young bottoms and wet willing mouths to convince the IRS that it's all tax deductible. With assets like theirs, any taxman would gladly make his deposit! So sharpen your pencil and get ready to get your credit line growing as these ladies show you the right way to fix any account in 'For Love Or Money.'

California Valley Girls (1983)

Scene 1. Becky Savage, Shaun Michelle
Scene 2. Cindy Shepard, Steve Douglas
Scene 3. Becky Savage, Cindy Shepard, Desiree Lane, Kimberly Carson, Misty Dawn, John Holmes
Scene 4. Cindy Shepard, Ron Jeremy
Scene 5. Kimberly Carson, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Cindy Shepard, Paul Thomas
Scene 7. Dominique, Misty Dawn, Herschel Savag

Becky Savage BJOnly
Cindy Shepard (Credited: Cindy Sheppard) Facial
Desiree Lane BJOnly
Dominique Anal
Eric Edwards
Herschel Savage
John Holmes BJOnly
Kimberly Carson
Misty Dawn Anal Bald
Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy
Shaun Michelle LezOnly
Steve Douglas

This fast-paced romp from the early 80's features some of the most alluring women of the day in some seriously sensual shenanigans. The plot revolves around a scheme cooked up by totally tubular Valley Girls Shaun Michelle and Becky Savage. They realize that there are a lot of older Valley men who will pay top dollar to spend some sensual time in the arms of a fresh-faced young cutie. They go out and recruit a foursome of fiery foxes, then set out to turn the gals into rip-roaring sex machines. One of the flick's best scenes features John Holmes as the willing subject during a lesson in oral sex. Shaun shows the gals how it's done, and then each of them tries out her newfound skills on the legendary stud. Once the ladies have learned their lascivious lessons, it's time for them to hit the streets and start plying their tawdry trade.

Among the hottest trysts is a steamy hot tub session between delectable Kimberly Carson and Eric Edwards. Another great scene finds Dominique hiring luscious Desiree Lane as a present for her hubby Herschel Savage, Who definitely appreciates his gift. 'CALIFORNIA VALLEY GIRLS' is a fiery frolic that delivers the goods to the max.

Cathouse Fever (1984)

Scene 1. Becky Savage, Herschel Savage
Scene 2. Misty Dawn, Tommy Drake
Scene 3. Becky Savage, John Colt
Scene 4. Debbie Truelove, Tommy Drake
Scene 5. Misty Dawn, Jerry Davis
Scene 6. Rhonda Jo Petty, Art Parker
Scene 7. Debbie Truelove, Misty Dawn
Scene 8. Debbie Truelove, Gaylene Marie, Misty Dawn, Tommy Drake
Scene 9. Rhonda Jo Petty, John Colt
Scene 10. Becky Savage, Jerry Davis
Scene 11. Becky Savage, Rhonda Jo Petty
Scene 12. Becky Savage, Gaylene Marie
Scene 13. Gaylene Marie, John Colt
Scene 14. Becky Savage, Rick Cassidy

Art Parker
Becky Savage
Debbie Truelove (Credited: Chica Moreno) BJOnly
John Colt
Herschel Savage
Gaylene Marie
Jerry Davis
Misty Dawn (Credited: Marla Lee Gardner)
Rhonda Jo Petty
Rick Cassidy
Tommy Drake

Shy and reserved Los Angeles-based secretary Becky Savage yearns to have a more eventful and exciting sex life. Dissatisfied with making due with her carnal fantasies, Becky decides to leave Los Angeles and goes to Las Vegas to work as a legal prostitute at a brothel where she hopes to find the sensual fulfillment that has so far eluded her in her life.

Centerfold Celebrities 5 (1985)

Scene 1. Amber Lynn, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Tracy Duzit, John Leslie
Scene 3. Karen Summer, Faceless Guy
Scene 4. Pamela Jennings, R. Bolla
Scene 5. Kelly Stewart
Scene 6. Athena Star, Misty Dawn, Sasha Gabor
Scene 7. Brooke West, Ron Jeremy

Amber Lynn Facial
Athena Star
Bobby Hollander NonSex
Kelly Stewart (Credited: Brandi Alexander) MastOnly
Brooke West Facial
Faceless Guy
Fawn Dell Clip
Jerry Davis (Credited: Gerry Davis) Clip
Jamie Gillis
John Leslie
Karen Summer (Credited: Karren Summers) Facial
Starbuck (Credited: Ken Starbuck) Clip
Misty Dawn
Nick Random NonSex
Pamela Jennings
R. Bolla
Ron Jeremy
Sasha Gabor
Tantala Ray NonSex
Tracy Duzit (Credited: Traci Duzit) Facial

Desire (1983)

Scene 1. Tamara Longley, Herschel Savage
Scene 2. Tamara Longley, Herschel Savage
Scene 3. Mai Lin, Mark Harris, Scott Irish
Scene 4. Misty Dawn, Ron Jeremy
Scene 5. Kay Parker, Randy West
Scene 6. Becky Savage, Bunny Bleu
Scene 7. Kay Parker, Ruby Smart
Scene 8. Bunny Bleu, Angelique Ricard
Scene 9. Kay Parker, Jerry Davis
Scene 10. Ruby Smart, Randy West

Alan Richards NonSex
Becky Savage LezOnly
Bunny Bleu (Credited: Bunny Blue)
Herschel Savage
Jerry Davis
Kay Parker
Mai Lin Facial
Mark Harris
Misty Dawn
Randy West
Ron Jeremy
Ruby Smart Facial
Scott Irish
Angelique Ricard (Credited: Susanne Winters)
Tamara Longley
Bill Margold (Credited: William Margold) NonSex

Old Tobias Clark hires a psychologist, played by Kay Parker, to help him come to terms with a regretful decision he made in his youth. He gave up love for money and let the haunting beauty Lily, played by Tamara Longley, slip through his hands. While working on the case, Dr. Verlay probes a sampling of patients to find their definition of "desire," a word Lily used as she walked out of Tobias' life. In the end, Tobias and Dr. Verlay get the answers they were looking for but probably did not quite expect.

"Desire" boasts an all-star cast in some of the most sensual, mood-enhancing sequences ever filmed. Kay Parker's performance has created a sensation with many adult film critics.

Diamond Collection Film 261 (1982)

Scene 1. girl, Misty Dawn, Michael Morrison

Dreams of Misty (1984)

Scene 1. Jade Nichols
Scene 2. Misty Dawn, Jade Nichols, John Holmes
Scene 3. Misty Dawn
Scene 4. Pat Manning, Nick Random
Scene 5. Misty Dawn, Scott Irish
Scene 6. Shaun Michelle, Nick Random
Scene 7. Shaun Michelle, Nick Random
Scene 8. Misty Dawn, guy
Scene 9. Shaun Michelle, Nick Random
Scene 10. Misty Dawn, Pat Manning, Tantala Ray, Ed Michaels
Scene 12. Misty Dawn, guy

Ed Michaels
John Holmes
Marc Wallice
Misty Dawn
Nick Random
Pat Manning
Scott Irish
Jade Nichols
Shaun Michelle
Tantala Ray

Misty Dawn turns in a wonderful performance in dual roles of a both a mature grown woman and an innocent, naive teenager. Dreams of Misty is an unsung classic with a sex positive attitude that delves into realistic fantasies that are born out of a beleivable storyline. Misty's real-life husband, John Holmes, turns in a cameo as the "Fantasy Man" in the opening fantasy sequence.

Dreams of Pleasure (1983)

Scene 1. Shauna Grant
Scene 2. Shauna Grant, 2 faceless guys
Scene 3. Andrea Adams, Craig Roberts
Scene 4. Misty Dawn
Scene 5. Shauna Grant, Andrea Adams, Ron Jeremy
Scene 6. Misty Dawn, Craig Roberts

Bobby Hollander NonSex
Craig Roberts
Misty Dawn Anal
Ron Jeremy
Shauna Grant (Credited: Shana Grant) BJOnly Facial
Andrea Adams (Credited: Yvette DuBois) Facial

Hung superstar Ron Jeremy plays an analyst who specializes in wet dreams and sexual hang-ups. After a long, hard day of curing patients, he works off his own frustrations with two delicious girls. These girls are classically gorgeous and suck way too much cock!

Getting Lucky (1984)

Scene 1. Renee Summers, Eric Edwards
Scene 2. Barbara Alton, Marc Wallice
Scene 3. Angel West, Eric Edwards
Scene 4. Rosemarie, Craig Roberts
Scene 5. Misty Dawn, Craig Roberts
Scene 6. Shana Evans, Janey Robbins, Eric Edwards
Scene 7. Duschca, Todd Keller
Scene 8. Mary Ann Richards, Craig Roberts
Scene 9. Cynthia Brooks, Todd Keller

Angel West BJOnly
Barbara Alton (Credited: Ann Whiting) Anal
Shana Evans (Credited: Beth Fix)
Cara Lott NonSex
Don Hodges NonSex
Duschca (Credited: Dushka) Facial
Eric Edwards
Craig Roberts (Credited: Greg Ruffner)
Janey Robbins Anal
Jerry Butler NonSex
Renee Summers (Credited: Lauren Walden) Anal
Marc Wallice
Mary Ann Richards (Credited: Mary Ann Richard) Anal
Misty Dawn
Rosemarie (Credited: Rose Marie)
Sha'ri Alexander NonSex
Cynthia Brooks (Credited: Tiffany Willis)
Todd Keller

Lissa Crammed hard for the sex ed final...and now she's graduating cum loud. For Johnny, Daryl and Moon, grad night is a time to bust out and party, and that's exactly what they do in Getting Lucky! Join the boys as they head out on the town for a night to remember, and get involved in some of the most outrageous sexual encounters to ever sizzle the screen! Johnny makes a sporting wager with gorgeous a hooker, whoever enjoys their love session the most has to pay! Daryl gets hooked up with rich and beautiful older women, and learns a thing or two about the "filthy rich." But it's Moon, the class dork, who takes the cake when he gets involved with three horny chicks out to make a man come ten times in one night!

Girls On Fire (1984)

Scene 1. Kimberly Carson, Robert Bullock, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Shaun Michelle, Harry Reems
Scene 3. Angel, Robert Bullock
Scene 4. Ginger Lynn, John Holmes
Scene 5. Cody Nicole, Raven, Jamie Gillis
Scene 6. Shanna McCullough, R. Bolla

Bill Amerson NonSex
Barbara Leigh (Credited: Blossom Leigh) NonSex
Robert Bullock (Credited: Bobby Bullock)
Frank Hollowell NonSex
Ginger Lynn (Credited: Gynger Lynn)
Harry Reems
Jamie Gillis
John Holmes (Credited: John C. Holmes)
Kimberly Carson
Misty Dawn NonSex
R. Bolla
Cody Nicole (Credited: Roxanne Potts)
Shanna McCullough (Credited: Shanna McCoullach)
Shaun Michelle (Credited: Shaun Michael) Anal Facial
Steve King NonSex
Raven (Credited: Vicky Vickers)

John Holmes is back in Girls On fire - They just don't make porn stars like this anymore!! Join the legendary John Holmes and his infamous 14-inch supercock as he uses all of his charms and sexual prowess to pound and pulverize some of the hottest legendary ladies of porn!

Golden Gate Girls (1985)

Scene 1. Kimberly Carson, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Scarlett O'Hara, Jean Paul Perier
Scene 3. Misty Dawn, Jamie Gillis
Scene 4. Scarlett O'Hara, Jean Paul Perier
Scene 5. Tamara Longley, Jamie Gillis
Scene 6. girl, Jamie Gillis
Scene 7. Janey Robbins, Jamie Gillis
Scene 8. Janey Robbins, Don Hodges
Scene 9. Cindy Carver, Lisa Lake
Scene 10. Lisa Lake, Jamie Gillis  
Cindy Carver LezOnly
Dolly Harton
Don Hodges
Elmo Lavino NonSex
Jamie Gillis
Janey Robbins (Credited: Janey Black)
Jean Paul Perier
Kimberly Carson
Lisa Lake
Misty Dawn Facial
Pat Bianco
Portia Ross NonSex
Rick Savage NonSex
Rudolfo Robbins
Scarlett O'Hara
Suzy Sweet
Tamara Longley Anal Facial

Heat of the Moment (1984)

Scene 1. Shaun Michelle, John Holmes
Scene 2. brun, Maria Tortuga, Marc Wallice
Scene 3. brun, Jennifer West
Scene 4. brun, Jennifer West, Gary Anderson
Scene 5. Pat Manning, John Holmes

Gary Anderson
Jennifer West
John Holmes
Marc Wallice
Maria Tortuga
Misty Dawn
Pat Manning
Shaun Michelle

Hot 40+ 4 (2003)-- Scene

Scene 2. Misty Dawn, guy
Misty Dawn  (Credited: Laurie) Bald

Lesbian Mature Women 4 (1999)

Scene 1. Rachel, Tanya
Scene 2. Honey Muffin, Rikki Moans
Scene 3. Lynn Ross, Misty Dawn
Scene 4. Cassidy96, Harley Raine

Lingerie (1984)

Scene 1. Jennifer West, Herschel Savage
Scene 2. Renee Summers, Paul Baressi
Scene 3. Misty Dawn, Greg Derek
Scene 4. Misty Dawn, Tara Aire
Scene 5. Misty Dawn, Tara Aire, David Sanders, Greg Derek
Scene 6. Lisa Lake, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Linda Shaw, David Cannon
Scene 8. Lisa Lake, John Holmes
Scene 9. Linda Shaw, Tina Marie
Scene 10. Jennifer West, Blake Palmer
Scene 11. Amy Allison, Eric Edwards
Scene 12. Lisa Lake, Rosemarie, Greg Derek, John Holmes

Amy Allison (Credited: Amy Grant) Anal
Blake Palmer
David Cannon
David Sanders
Eric Edwards
Greg Derek
Herschel Savage (Credited: Hershel Savage)
Jennifer West Facial
John Holmes (Credited: John C. Holmes)
Linda Shaw (Credited: Lindy Shaw)
Lisa Lake Facial
Misty Dawn
Paul Baressi (Credited: Paul Benson)
Renee Summers (Credited: Rene Summers) Facial
Ron Jeremy
Rosemarie (Credited: Rosey Belinda) Facial
Tara Aire
Tina Marie LezOnly
Tom Byron NonSex

Lost in Lust (1984)

Scene 1. Misty Dawn, Blake Palmer
Scene 2. Pamela Jennings, Marc Wallice
Scene 3. Stacey Donovan, Blake Palmer
Scene 4. Misty Dawn
Scene 5. Misty Dawn, Pamela Jennings, Stacey Donovan
Scene 6. Misty Dawn, Pamela Jennings, Stacey Donovan, Blake Palmer, Marc Wallice

Blake Palmer
Marc Wallice
Misty Dawn
Pamela Jennings
Stacey Donovan

Magnum Love (1999)

Scene 1. Julie Meadows, Billy Glide
Scene 2. Julie Meadows
Scene 3. Stacy Valentine, John Decker
Scene 4. Stacy Valentine, Billy Glide
Scene 5. Stacy Valentine
Scene 6. Chloe, Billy Glide
Scene 7. Chloe, Stacy Valentine, John Decker
Scene 8. Renee LaRue, Billy Glide
Scene 9. Renee LaRue, Syren
Scene 10. Stacy Valentine, Mickey G.
Scene 11. Syren, Mike Horner

Billy Glide
Mike Horner
John Decker
Julie Meadows Facial
Misty Dawn (Credited: Laurie Holmes) NonSex
Lezzie Blue NonSex
Mickey G.
Paul F. Hannah NonSex
Renee LaRue
Stacy Valentine
Sydnee Steele (Credited: Sydney Steele) NonSex
Syren Bald
The Abilene Kid NonSex
Veronica Hart NonSex
Warden Lokka NonSex

Meet Los Angeles private dick Peter Magnum. His days are spent fighting for justice, his nights are spent in the arms of some of LA's most beautiful women. It's all good until the love his life is brutally murdered by a vengeful psychopath. Although he succumbs to some tasty temptations along the way, Peter manages to keep focused and solve the crime.

Marathon (1983)

Scene 1. Cathy Coffer, Crystal Lake, Erica Greenberg, Mai Lin, Misty Dawn, Rosa Lee Kimball, Sharon Mitchell, Shaun Michelle, Sparky Vasc, Drea, Lynx Canon, Bill Margold, Dan T. Mann, David Sanders, Don Fernando, Herschel Savage, Jack Mason, Jamie Gillis, Jesse Adams, John Holmes, John Stagliano, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Cathy Coffer, Crystal Lake, Erica Greenberg, Mai Lin, Misty Dawn, Rita Cruz, Rosa Lee Kimball, Shaun Michelle, Sparky Vasc, Drea, Bill Margold, David Sanders, Don Fernando, Herschel Savage, Jack Mason, Jamie Gillis, Jesse Adams, John Holmes, John Stagliano

Bill Margold
Carlos Tobalina NonSex
Cathy Coffer
Crystal Lake Facial
Dan T. Mann
David Sanders
Don Fernando
Erica Greenberg
Herschel Savage (Credited: Hershel Savage)
Jack Mason
Jamie Gillis
Jesse Adams
John Holmes
John Stagliano
Mai Lin
Misty Dawn Anal DPP
Rita Cruz BJOnly
Ron Jeremy
Rosa Lee Kimball (Credited: Rose Lynn)
Sharon Mitchell
Shaun Michelle Facial
Sparky Vasc (Credited: Sparky Vacs) Facial
Drea (Credited: Sultry Drea)
Lynx Canon (Credited: Susan Kay)

They gave a party and everybody came! Who likes to party hearty? Well, champion hotdogger Bill and sizzling slope-strumpet Drea win a big ski contest, they decide to throw a bang-up party no one will ever forget! Rest assured, this is one party where everyone comes in a marathon orgy of unequalled x-rated action.

Nasty Nurses (1983)

Scene 1. Janey Robbins, Herschel Savage
Scene 2. Becky Savage, Paul Thomas
Scene 3. Misty Dawn, John Holmes
Scene 4. Kimberly Carson, David Sanders
Scene 5. Dominique, Paul Baressi
Scene 6. Kay Parker, Herschel Savage

Adele Robbins NonSex
Brooke Fields (Credited: Alison James) NonSex
Becky Savage BJOnly Facial
Brooke West NonSex
Cindy Shepard NonSex
David Sanders
Drea NonSex
Herschel Savage
Janey Robbins Anal
Jesse Jones NonSex
John Holmes
John Ogden NonSex
Kay Parker
Kimberly Carson
Dominique (Credited: Marina) Anal Facial
Misty Dawn Anal
Pat Manning (Credited: Patricia Manning) NonSex
Paul Baressi (Credited: Paul Barssi)
Paul Thomas BJOnly
Robert Bullock (Credited: Richard Parnes) NonSex

Follow the doctor's orders. Stay in bed and get plenty of sex! In this erotic medical drama, you'll make the rounds with the world's hottest, horniest doctors and nurses as they treat themselves (and you) to a myriad of sexual delights. Even the patients get into the act. From a young motocross racer to a sexy male movie star, from interns and orderlies to candy stripers and more, all enjoy a healthy dose of sexual relief in a variety of clinical settings. NASTY NURSES is a thorough physical examination you're bound to enjoy!

Newcomers (1984)

Scene 1. Cara Lott, Shaun Michelle
Scene 2. Shaun Michelle, Steve Drake
Scene 3. Cara Lott, Peter North
Scene 4. Summer Rose
Scene 5. Misty Dawn, Nick Random
Scene 6. Summer Rose, Steve Drake
Scene 7. Summer Rose, Peter North
Scene 8. Cara Lott, Steve Drake

Cara Lott
Misty Dawn
Nick Random
Peter North
Shaun Michelle (Credited: Shaun Michele) Facial
Steve Drake
Summer Rose Anal Facial

This plot-oriented classic stars Cara Lott, Misty Dawn, Nick Random, Peter North, Shaun Michelle, Steve Drake and Summer Rose in an intimate look at relationships and monogamy.

When Fred keeps getting a busy signal instead of his girlfriend Lori, he decides to check on her. Sure enough, she's cheating - with another woman! While Fred samples the competition, Lori storms downstairs and gives her daughter's boyfriend a music lesson on top of the piano.

Then, her daughter arrives but has to wait her turn. Frustrated and dripping at the top of the stairs, she grabs Fred and gets him to hose down her nubile flames. These insatiable lovers continue to probe each other's fantasies and in the end, the girls find their men are good to the last drop!

No Man's Land 26 (1999)

Scene 1. Cheyenne Silver, Inari Vachs
Scene 2. Felecia, Randi Rage
Scene 3. Inari Vachs, Misty Dawn, Tiffany Mynx
Scene 4. Allysin Chaynes, Cheyenne Silver, Inari Vachs, Liza Harper, Tiffany Mynx
Scene 5. Felecia, Melissa Hill

Nurses of the 407 (1982)

Scene 1. Tigr, Jon Martin
Scene 2. Lynx Canon, Herschel Savage
Scene 3. Jesie St. James
Scene 4. Jesie St. James, Herschel Savage
Scene 5. Lynx Canon, Tigr, Joey Silvera
Scene 6. Jesie St. James, Karen Sweet
Scene 7. Jesie St. James, Paul Thomas
Scene 8. Kathleen Kristel, Joey Silvera
Scene 9. Jesie St. James, Jon Martin, Paul Thomas

Bonnie Jean NonSex
Rock Steadie (Credited: Brook Story) NonSex
Herschel Savage (Credited: Jack Black)
Jesie St. James
Joey Silvera
Jon Martin (Credited: John Martin)
Kathleen Kristel (Credited: Kristen)
Misty Dawn (Credited: Laura Wren) NonSex
Lynx Canon Facial
Karen Sweet (Credited: M.L.Sparks) LezOnly
Paul Thomas

Jessie St. James, Paul Thomas, John Martin, Kathleen Kristal, Lynx Cannon, Mantra Stark, Tigr, Laura Wren, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera, Rock Steadie, and newcomer, Kristen star in this sexy spoof. Nurses is bound to tickle more than your funny bone. This witty romp has enough sexual heat to satisfy even the most hard-core enthusiasts.

Personal Touch 1 (1983)

Scene 1. Shauna Grant
Scene 2. Misty Dawn, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Dominique, Sharon Mitchell
Scene 4. Shauna Grant, Paul Thomas
Scene 5. Sharon Mitchell, Blake Palmer
Scene 6. Jean Harlow, Ron Jeremy

Blake Palmer
Bobby Hollander NonSex
Dominique LezOnly
Jean Harlow
Laurie Smith NonSex
Misty Dawn Anal
Paul Thomas
Ron Jeremy
Sharon Mitchell
Shauna Grant

PERSONAL TOUCH adds a new dimension to Erotica by involving you, the viewer, in every intimate scene, as if you were right there. Shauna Grant and friends share their feelings and tell you what they want you to do with them ... VERY HOT!!! It's a classic that everybody has to see at least once!

Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes (1983)

Scene 1. 2 guys
Scene 2. guy, Steve Collins
Scene 3. Joseph Yale, John Holmes
Scene 4. Johnny Dawes, Steve Collins
Scene 5. Chris Burns, Jerry Davis, John Holmes
Scene 6. Misty Dawn, Colby Douglas, John Holmes

Abdul NonSex
Chi Chi NonSex
Chris Burns Bottom
Colby Douglas Bottom
Doug Raymond
Jerry Davis Bottom
Jerry Thomas
Joseph Yale (Credited: Joey Yale) Bottom
John Holmes (Credited: John C. Holmes) Top
Johnny Dawes
Lee Jones
Les Johnson NonSex
Max Corral
Misty Dawn Anal
Rocky Diangelo
Sharon Kane
Steve Douglas NonSex
Steve Collins (Credited: Victor Young) Bottom

This is John Holme's only gay film! He was the undisputed all-time King of Porn. He buried his massive 13" cock in more than 14,000 starlet women! And although there have always been rumors of John shooting gay scenes with other men, they have only been rumors... UNTIL NOW! We blow the lid off of one of adult films best-kept secrets with this astonishing DVD release. In this incredible footage you will see John as hard as he's ever been, enjoying the sexual favors of remarkably well-endowed young men. It is a gay film devotee's dream cum true, and one movie no serious collector can be without. And, as an extra it even includes his first gay experience in the classic shower scene, circa 1972.

Screw My Wife Please 8 (And Make Her Scream) (1999)

Scene 1. Misty Dawn, Dave Cummings, Michael J. Cox, Unknown Male 27687
Scene 2. Wendy Divine, Frank Gun
Scene 3. Shasta, Dave Cummings, Julian St. Jox
Scene 4. Taylor Moore, Vivi Anne, Erik Everhard
Scene 5. Donita, Dave Cummings, Valentino

Dave Cummings
Donita Anal Facial
Erik Everhard MastOnly
Frank Gun
Julian St. Jox
Michael J. Cox
Misty Dawn Anal Facial
Shasta Facial
Taylor Moore LezOnly
Vivi Anne LezOnly
Wendy Divine

Screw my wife, Please! Watch as these housewives get fucked ridiculously hard by groups of guys or by other chicks! These housewives know how to take care of a man, or should I say many men! These mature chicks love to take a fat plump cock up their ass or a huge cock down their throats, and take cum all over their faces!

Shades of Ecstasy (1983)

Scene 1. Misty Dawn, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Patti Simmons, guy
Scene 3. 2 girls, Starbuck
Scene 4. Mona Page, Ray Wells
Scene 5. Cara Lott, Mark Harris
Scene 6. Cara Lott, David Sanders
Scene 7. Karen Summer, David Sanders
Scene 8. Misty Dawn, Mona Page
Scene 9. Mona Page, Marc Wallice
Scene 10. Janey Robbins, Marc Wallice
Scene 11. Janey Robbins, Alan Royce
Scene 12. Cara Lott, Barnett Philips
Scene 13. Desiree Lane, Tom Byron
Scene 14. Melanie Scott, Ron Jeremy

Alan Royce
Barnett Philips
Cara Lott Facial
Desiree Lane
Janey Robbins
Marc Wallice
Mark Harris
Melanie Scott Facial
Karen Summer
Misty Dawn
Mona Page
Patti Simmons
Peter Rock
Ray Wells
Ron Jeremy
David Sanders
Tom Byron

"Shades of Ecstasy" is an outrageous combination of intrigue, humor, love and endless, explicit erotic sex. And it's a classic! Janey Robbins in her first erotic motion picture and eight of her foxy co-workers have a Work Incentive Program that can't be beat! Their beauty, youth and enthusiasm would convince anyone that the American Worker's Dream can still come true. But hard work is not always rewarded, at least not until these gorgeous ladies bend over backwards trying! Don't miss beautiful Janey Robbins (definitely made in America) and her talented crew. You won't have any trouble getting up to go to work ever again! New editing makes this version of "Shades of Ecstasy" even better that the original release.

Shaved (1984)

Scene 1. Desiree Lane, Unknown Female 229003, Tom Byron
Scene 2. K.C. Valentine, Steve Douglas
Scene 3. 2 girls, guy
Scene 4. Gina Martell, Frank James
Scene 5. Crystal Dawn, Aaron Stuart
Scene 6. blonde, Greg Derek
Scene 7. Misty Dawn, David Sanders, Marc Wallice
Scene 8. 2 girls, Gary Anderson
Scene 9. 2 girls, Erica Boyer, guy
Scene 10. Beverly Bliss, Steve Powers
Scene 11. Crystal Dawn, Michael Morrison, Paul Thomas
Scene 12. brun, Jennifer West, R.J. Reynolds

Aaron Stuart (Credited: Aaron Stewart)
Beverly Bliss Shaved
Crystal Dawn Anal DP Shaved
David Sanders
Desiree Lane (Credited: Deserie Lane)
Erica Boyer Facial
Frank James
Gary Anderson
Gina Martell (Credited: Gina Martelli) Anal
Greg Derek
Jennifer West BJOnly Facial
K.C. Valentine
Marc Wallice
Michael Morrison
Misty Dawn Anal Facial DP Bald
Paul Thomas
R.J. Reynolds
Steve Douglas
Steve Powers
Tom Byron
Unknown Female 229003

Be among the first to witness the sensual, erotic delights of a ravishing lady shaving her succulent pubis. See gorgeous shaven women riding their lovers with an earth shattering frenzy. "Shaved" is that kind of movie, loaded with slick, slippery starlets who like their muffs mowed. Desiree Lane and K.C. Valentine are the featured stars, which also present a video exclusive as our horny hostess actually shaves her mound for you! Don't miss out on this sex-drenched premier!

Sodomania: Orgies 1 (1999)

Scene 1. Deborah Valentine, Katy Parker, Nikki Stone, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang
Scene 2. Alexandra Silk, Anastasia Blue, Bamboo, Carmen Vera, Chloe, Chocolate, Dolly Golden, Keisha, Misty Dawn, Stephanie B., Herschel Savage, Kyle Stone, Lexington Steele, Olivier Sanchez, Pat Myne, Tony Montana, Tyce Bune

Alexandra Silk Facial IR
Anastasia Blue Facial IR
Bamboo IR
Carmen Vera (Credited: Carmen) Anal Facial IR
Chloe Anal Facial IR
Chocolate Facial
Deborah Valentine Anal
Dolly Golden Anal Facial IR
Herschel Savage (Credited: Hershel Savage)
Katy Parker Anal
Keisha (Credited: Keisha Dominguez) Anal Facial DP Fisting IR
Kyle Stone
Misty Dawn (Credited: Laurie Holmes) Facial IR
Leslie Taylor
Lexington Steele
Nick Lang
Nikki Stone
Olivier Sanchez
Pat Myne
Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
Stephanie B.
Tony Montana
Tyce Bune

Swedish Erotica 472 - Hot box

Loop, threesome MMF, includes anal, DP, vaginal, BJ

Swedish Erotica 528 - Tender loving care

Loop,Hospital scene Anal

Taboo 3 (1984)

Scene 1. Kay Parker, Mike Ranger
Scene 2. Kristara Barrington, Pamela Mann, Blake Palmer
Scene 3. Pamela Mann, Jerry Butler
Scene 4. Lisa Lake, Blake Palmer
Scene 5. Honey Wilder, Blake Palmer
Scene 6. Lisa Lake, Jerry Butler
Scene 7. Honey Wilder, Kay Parker, Blake Palmer
Scene 8. Colleen Brennan, Angel West, Kristara Barrington, Lisa Lake, Misty Dawn, Pamela Mann, Blake Palmer, Craig Roberts, David Sanders, Jerry Butler, Rick Knutson, Ron Jeremy
Scene 9. Honey Wilder, Jerry Butler
Scene 10. Honey Wilder, Kay Parker, Marc Wallice
Scene 11. Kay Parker, Jerry Butler

Blake Palmer
Colleen Brennan Facial
Angel West (Credited: Donna Marie) Facial
Craig Roberts (Credited: Greg Rufner)
Honey Wilder
Jay Serling NonSex
David Sanders (Credited: Jeff Swisstack)
Jerry Butler
Kay Parker Facial
Kristara Barrington (Credited: Kim Morgan) Facial
Lisa Lake
Marc Wallice
Mike Ranger Clip
Misty Dawn
Pamela Mann Facial
Rick Knutson
Ron Jeremy

Barbara Scott, (Kay Parker) distraught and yearning for her son Paul, turns to her younger son Jimmy (virile Jerry Butler). Jimmy discovers his mother's affair with his older brother Paul, and slowly his love for his mother turns to lust.
Barbara, jealous of Jimmy's girlfriend (newcomer, luscious Lisa Lake) begins the deliberate seduction of her youngest son. His lithe, muscular body enflames her with the passion she knows she should suppress. At the same time, Joyce McBride (Honey Wilder), Barbara's best friend and confidant, is enjoying carnal gratification with her own son, Bryan.

Taboo III takes us into the forbidden world of a mother's sinful lust for her handsome son. It delves deeper into the depths of raw passion than any other film.

World's Biggest Gang Bang 3: Houston 620 (1999)

Misty is a fluffer

World's Luckiest Patient (1999) aka World's Luckiest Patient with 101 Nurses

Alyssa Allure
Amia More
Andy Lace
Angela C.
Angela D'Angelo
Angella Faith
Anita Cannibal
Ariel Cassadine
Ashley Anne
Barbi Bond
Blair Segal
Bobbi Bliss
Bobby Vitale
C.J. Bennett
Candy Apples
Candy Hill
Candy Vegas
Casey Carlin
Charlene Aspen
Chennin Blanc
Cherry Mirage
Cherry Lee
Cheyenne Silver
Cinna Bunz
Claudia DeCorazon
Cumisha Amado
Daejha Milan
Deja Blew
Elizabeth Starr
Elle Devyne
Emerald Star
Emily Jewel
Erika Lockett
Gina Rome
Ginger Paige
Holly Landers
Inari Vachs
Ivory Blaze
Jeannie Pepper
Jessica Jewel
Kelsey Heart
Kim Eternity
Lauryl Canyon
Lauren Legend
Misty Dawn
Lena Ramon
Linda Storm
Mary Jane
Mia Smiles
Sharon Mitchell
Jada Fire
Nancy Vee
Natasha Blake
Naughtia Childs
Adina Jewel
Phyllisha Anne
Randi Storm
Rosy Rocket
Kylie Brooks
Saki St. Jermaine
Salina del Ray
Serena Lewis
Shelbee Myne
Sinnamon Love
Tawny Ocean
Teri Starr
Torri Flames
Tracy Love
Venus Milan
Vivian Valentine
Violet Love
Zasu Knight

X-Rated Bloopers (1984)

o erotic film and video director Bobby Hollander has assembled some of the most hilarious, graphically erotic, and embarrassingly realistic moments that went into the making of his highly acclaimed Personal Touch Series. It's not just a blooper tape, but an uninhibited and all-to-real peek into the making of a sexually explicit production. We see two erotic superstars, Shauna Grant and Laurie Smith, fighting with each other, their lines, and director, messing up take after take. We see how X-Rated actors prepare for their erotic scenes and often hilarious banter that goes on between director and performer during a shoot. We see how a director recovers from an actress who refuses to say her lines and how he feeds both performers sizzling dirty talk that is often assumed to be ad libbed by the performers themselves. No serious collector, researcher, or fan of erotica should be without this realistic-yet-humorous glimpse into the making of an erotic video.

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