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Lulu Chu, Slimthick Vic - If These Walls Could Talk

05-03-2023 | Videos / Scenes
Lulu Chu, Slimthick Vic - If These Walls Could Talk

File size: 734 MB

Cast: Lulu ChuSlimthick Vic

Duration: 1:09:55

Resolution: 960x544

Tags: Blonde, Brunette, Big Tits, Threesome, Masturbation, Asian, Interracial, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Lingerie

Laura (Lulu Chu) has recently moved from her small hometown to the big city, and is staying with Dave (Seth Gamble), using his spare bedroom for a few weeks until she can find a job. Dave is also originally from her hometown, having moved away some years ago. He's a family friend, so Laura's parents arranged for Laura to stay with him, thinking he'd be trustworthy. However, it turns out that Dave has become a boorish creep, and Laura especially doesn't approve of all the female 'guests' he has over at night. Meanwhile, Dave makes fun of Laura for her naive 'small-town' mentality, saying that he has grown up a lot, and she should too.That night, Laura lies in bed but is unable to rest, because through the wall she can hear Dave and another woman, Tanya (Slimthick Vic), having loud and energetic sex. Laura tries to ignore the sounds, but as she hears more and more of Dave and Tanya's dirty talk, she grows increasingly ALLURED by it. Laura touches herself while continuing to listen to the dirty talk. At one point, the sex sounds from Dave's room stop, though Laura is so lost in her fantasy that she doesn't notice. She continues to masturbate until Tanya appears at her doorway. Laura is embarrassed, but Tanya is amused that Laura was clearly eavesdropping and getting turned on by it. Tanya says it's okay to be curious, and seduces Laura, promising to give her MORE of what she wants.Laura gives in to temptation, having intense, energetic sex with Tanya. Eventually, they are interrupted by Dave, who confidently smirks at Laura, as if vindicated. He says that he KNEW Laura would shed her small-town naivety and give in to her desires, just like he did when he moved to the big city. He asks if he can join them. Tanya is totally fine with it, but Laura is a bit hesitant... she's tempted, but also worried that it would be inappropriate since Dave is a family friend. But Dave KNOWS what Laura wants, and before long, Laura gives in to her growing desires again. Lulu Chu, Slimthick Vic - If These Walls Could Talk
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